FinishLynx  v.8.0

FinishLynx® is the world's most popular and versatile digital photofinish and timing system. A FinishLynx® line-scan camera only sees a very narrow piece of the world - the finish line.

OPTIc2Net  v.

The OPTIc2o is a computerized color photofinish system with integrated evaluation software. The color line scanning camera scans every movement at the finish line in true color and stores the data on the hard disk of the computer.

MiSpeaker  v.3 7

MiSpeaker is a software created for the management of various sport disciplines (winter sports, show jumping, swimming, etc.), being simple to use.

Microgate MicroLink  v.

MicroLink is a software created for rapidly transferring data stored on Microgate stopwatches to the PC and vice versa.

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